Ecomodernism and the Anthropocene: Humanity As a Force for Good

Ecomodernism and the Anthropocene

Humanity As a Force for Good


No sooner had two earth scientists declared that humans had so significantly altered the planet that a new geologic epoch was needed before a firestorm of debate ensued, both within and outside the scientific community. If the Anthropocene, or age of humans, signified a new era, what ought to be our posture toward the future? While some have described the Anthropocene as a world of hurt, others, including the concept’s main popularizers, have imagined the possibility of a good Anthropocene. Writing on efforts to translate these positive visions into reality, the authors in the fifth issue of Breakthrough Journal construct a future of accelerated decoupling, a view of nature as local and constantly changing, an embrace of complexity and pragmatism, and a role for the collective and the individual.