Columbia University Rio+20 Updates this week!


The Columbia University Coalition of Sustainable Development (CUCSD) will be sending a delegation to Rio+20. We would like to update you on our ongoing efforts and provide you with opportunities that you may be interested in.

1.      UNCSD Informal-Informal Consultation Meeting March 19-23 & Intersessional Meeting March 26 -27

2.      Volunteers needed for Expert Group Meeting on March 24 -25

3.      Yale Citizen Summit on March 24 -25

4.      NY+20 on April 27

5.      Logistics


1.      CUCSD Delegation at UNCSD Informal-Informal Consultation Meeting March 19-23

Seventeen (17) CUCSD delegates will be attending the ‘informal-informal’ negotiations on the zero draft of the Rio+20 outcome document from 19 to 23 March 2012 and the Third Intersessional Meeting of UNCSD on 26 and 27 March 2012 at UN Headquarters in New York. They will be attending the meetings, side-events, networking, and blogging throughout the event. We’d like to extend our special thanks to John Romano of CUCSD and UNCSD and Nicolo Wojewoda of Peace Child International (PCI) for helping our delegates with accreditation to attend the UN meetings.

If you are interested in connecting with our delegation, please connect with Krystal Laymon and Jairo Garcia

If you need help in your lobbying efforts/policy work, please connect with Haya Doudiri

2.      Volunteers needed for March 24 -25 for Expert Group Meeting

We need volunteers for the Expert group meeting this Saturday and Sunday. This event will be a great opportunity for you. Dozens of NGOs from all around the world, all engaged with the Rio+20 process directly, will be in attendance. We will need reporters/bloggers/social media people, so this gives people the unique opportunity to engage with the process and with the attendees.

If you are interested, please email John at

3.      US/Canada Citizen Summit at Yale University

We will be sending 10 CUCSD delegates at the US/Canada Citizens’ Summit for Sustainable Development from March 24 – 25.  Special thanks to Jorge Barbosa of Yale for facilitating this.

If you are interested in connecting with our delegation, please connect with  Jairo Garcia

4.      NY+20

This Spring, students from all over the country will join together in New York to explore the UN Rio+20 processes first-hand! Simulations of the conference are happening across the world as a part of the MyCity+20 movement, and seek to teach everyone about the structure and importance of Rio+20. With the unparalleled universities, environmental groups, and United Nations Headquarters located in New York City, NY+20 will be an exciting day of learning, activity, and fun!

NY+20 will be held on April 27 at the Ford Foundation at 320 East 43rd st, next to the UN.

If you are interested in partnering with us and/or volunteering for this event please email Kate and Andrew at

5.      CUCSD Social Media

Our CUCSD social media networks are almost finalized.

a.       Twitter: (add us!)

b.      Facebook: (add us!)

c.       Blog: (under construction)

d.      Google Groups:

6.      Logistics

We are in the process of planning our logistics for Rio+20 in Rio (travel, accommodation, etc) and would love to connect with those who are already working on this. Please get in touch with us by emailing our logistics coordinator Alaine Marx at


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